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About Us

Next of King (“NOK”) is a holding company with subsidiaries that consist of Web and Graphic design, Software Solutions, Marketing (Advertising, Direct Marketing, Digital Marketing and Promotions), Business Broking, Private Equity Partnerships, Turn around Specialists and Management Consultants. “NOK” is open to Private Equity Partnerships and has been successful with numerous buyouts and turnarounds.

NOK assist SME’s by providing guidance in various spheres of business, including corporate strategy, digital transformation, organisational behaviour and more. After in-depth analysis, we define the problem concisely and facilitate discussions on areas of proposed improvements. We assist in the implementation of the proposed solution. The various subsidiaries support and function as enablers to the Management Consulting during the implementation phase.

NOK has more than 27 years experience in business process optimisation and improving operational capabilities to ensure increased productivity with efficiency. Where required NOK will collaborate with a wide network of industry experts to ensure successful turnarounds.

“Our focus is on the future sustainability of any company by adopting resilient business strategies and not just integrating sustainability into the strategy” Ernie vd Merwe


Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa

+27 66 206 9911